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Your team of robbers stole the top secret safe deposit box #295. The box with the diamonds worth millions. Now you have to figure out how to open the box and steal the diamonds before the tracking device activates and the authorities find you! Good Luck!

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You are enjoying your retirement after being a detective for 30 years. Today you get a strange letter inside a evidence box. The letter is from a killer you failed to catch! He is threatening to kill again unless you catch him before he does. You will need to come out of retirement and find the killer! Do you have what it takes? Someone's life may be depending on you! Good Luck!


You just received a box full of stuff with a letter from your long lost Uncle Rusty. He was an explorer who found a fortune! He has recently pass away and left you his entire fortune!!! How much we don't know? You have to figure out where he hide his treasure and how much he has left you! Use everything in the box to help you find what he left you! Good Luck!