Tips for playing the game! 

1. We recommend using a laptop, tablet or Smart Tv for the game. Use the web browser function on your smart time. Usually if you click the "home" button there will be options for a web browser. Some smart tv's start with a space when entering a password, delete all spaces then enter a password. Try all combinations you come up with multiple times to make sure you have the correct combo. 

2. You will have 2 boxes, a 3 and 4 digit number code. Try all boxes and the site password button to try codes you are coming up with. First combo is always for the site.  

3. There are Hint buttons at the bottom of the screens. If you do need help click on the Hint buttons to help progress you along. If you are needing help beyond the hint button send a message with the form to the left and we will reply within the hour to help! 8am to 7pm daily! 

4. Save all contents EXCEPT note paper, locks, lock boxes and any clues you have to write on and use. Posters are vital to the mini games we send out.  

5. Combos are only used once. The combo from the beginning will not work for the end. Scratch that off the note sheet once used. 

6. Refrain from using outside help. No special flashlights, google searches, muscles or bolt cutters are going to help. BRAIN power is what you need to solve this game!!! 

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