How to XCAPE BOX????

 Book your box online. We ship the Xcape Box to your door within 3 days. Unpack your box and open the first envelope. Go to the website provided and grab a drink! Next step is the fun one, PLAY THE ESCAPE and have a BLAST! Pack up the Xcape Box and store for additional future escapes. Its that easy!  

Why Xcape Box??

That's easy....We are Colorado Escape, the LARGEST escape room company in Colorado. We have been designing escape rooms for over 4 years. We have designed over 50+ rooms over the years. We wanted to make a room that anyone can play anywhere and at anytime! Live in the middle of nowhere??? No problem! Want to escape at problem. Don't like people and never leave the problem.....well maybe its a problem, lots of cool things to see and people to meet out here....hehe. We just want to make a family game night unforgettable!


We have themed adventure escapes that we ship to you! Xcape Box has designed a box that we send to you to play and solve with family and friends in the comfort of your own home! The Xcape Box has real locks and props that you use to solve the fun puzzles and riddles that await you!  Xcape Box is great for game nights, birthday parties or any fun theme night!!! Grab a drink and invites some friends for a unforgettable time! 

‚Äč                                                 DUE TO HIGH DEMAND SHIPPING MAY BE DELAYED

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